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"Lift-A-Thon" Pictures

More Pictures From the "Lift-A-Thon"

Matt Whetstone
Matt Whetstone not only won second place in the middle weight class but also donated these pictures

Colin O'farrell
Colin O'farrell
Colin O'farrell took third place in the light weight class

The Heavyweights
From left to right, Gary Briggs, Aaron Skacal, and Mike Tobin

Troy Harrison
Troy Harrison
Troy Harrison reached a personal goal at the Lift-A-Thon on this lift

Brad Crainer
Brad Crainer
Here is Brad Crainer getting ready to push up 200 pounds

Brian Dishaw
Here Brian Dishaw shows us his massive biceps...

Derek Stodolak
Derek Stodolak took third place in the middle weight class

Aaron Skacal and Eric Tunney
Skacal and Tunney
Even in the excitement, Aaron and Eric find time to discuss the important issues of the day

Unity 2002- "Don't Wish For It, Work For It"