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W-P Cardinal Football

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W-P's Coaching Staff

Head Coach Mr. Kyle Tobin...

Head Coach Kyle Tobin will take the helm again this year in hopes to carry W-P back to the Silverdome. He will be assisted by the Offensive Line/ Defensive Back coach Sam Harrison, the Linebacker coach Bob Dexter, and the Defensive Line coach Dennis Prescott. Known to the public better as Shed. Our coaching staff is one of the best in Michigan and they know what it takes to win. If our kids do what they tell them, we may be on the road to victory again.

Coach Tobin...will he lead 2002 to another state title?


If any of these pictures are found to be unflattering I am sorry

W-P's managers are coming back too! After the loss of Pete Jackson the Cardinals have named Rodney Crainer "head water boy". His co-captain Brett Deboever and he are going to have to find an assistant to help them through the season. Rumor has it that Mark Jakubik may be the one to take over the spot that Pete Jackson has left behind.  It appears that Little John will be returning for at least one more year with the team. 

I have been told that I should put something in here about W-P's future. So...the Cardinal J. High team will be coached by Bill Kendall, known better to the public as "Wiley". He will be assisted by Dave Allen.
The W-P J.V. will most likely be helmed by Walt Harrison and Craig Funsch.  By the way, Coach Funsch just led his wrestling team to another State Championship.  Congratulations Mr. Funsch, and wrestlers.

"Don't wish for it, work for it."