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W-P Cardinal Football

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Cardinal Players Show Dedication...

A couple of weeks ago the Cardinal football team held their annual "Lift-A-Thon" to raise money for the football team.  Attendance was nearly 100%.  The Cardinals were missing only one member of their football family at this event.  The "Lift-A-Thon" was a lot of fun.  The competition that takes place during these kinds of events not only challenges you but also encourages you to do better.  If you've never been to one of these I would strongly suggest going to next years.  It is always good to see fans come out and support us, even in the "off-season".  The winners of this year's competition were Mike Tobin in the Heavyweight class, Nathan Prince in the Middleweight class, and Darrin Lomason in the Lightweight class. 

"Lift-A-Thon" Pictures

Mr. Tobin
Mr. Tobin
Mr. Tobin announcing the lifters at the "Lift-A-Thon"

Unity 2002- "Dont' Wish For It, Work For It"