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W-P Cardinal Football

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The 2002 Whittemore-Prescott Cardinals

Though I am not completely sure of the roster for next year I am going to tell you who I think will be on the team, and I also don't know numbers for sure yet. When I do, I will edit this page.

Brad Crainer (Sr)
Derek Stodolak (Sr)
Colin O'farrell(Sr)
Joe Stone (Sr)
Matt Whetstone (Sr)
Eric Tunney (Sr)
Matt Turner (Sr)
Matt Jakubik (Sr)
Justin Lauer (Sr)
Brian Dishaw (Sr)
Mike Tobin (Sr)
Aaron Skacal (Sr)
John Fischer(Sr)
Bryan Tanner(Sr)
Jacob McGeathy(Sr)
Darrin Lomason(Jr)
Jared McGeathy (Jr)
Gary Briggs(Jr)
Todd Barriger (Jr)
Mike Erickson (Jr)
Justin Noffsinger(Jr)
Danny Fischer(So)
Patrick Harrison(So)
Derek Harrison(So)


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